China Made Electron Tube FU-3069/E3069 Oscillation Electronic E3069 Tube

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Model: FU-3069/E3069, also known as FU-946F (E3069/8702F)

The lamp

Tube parameter

Filament voltage 12.6V Filament current 35A

Transconductance (Ia=0.8A) 13mA/V amplification factor 21

Interelectrode capacitance grid-anode 13pF

Grid - cathode 18pF

Anode - cathode 0.7pF

Maximum operating frequency 110MHz maximum height 240mm

Maximum diameter 127mm weight 2.8kg

Installation mode Vertical installation Cooling mode Forced air cooling

Minimum air volume 7m3/min Minimum static pressure 343Pa

The maximum temperature of the air inlet is 45 ° C. The maximum temperature of the electrode sealing is 250 ° C

The maximum anode surface temperature is 250℃

2, limit operation state (Class C telegraph) RF power amplifier or oscillator

Continuous use intermittent use

Anode DC voltage (KV) 8 8

Anode current Current (A) 2 2

Grid DC current (A) 0.5 0.6

Anode dissipation (W) 4500 5500

Grid dissipation (W) 150 230

3. Typical working state (oscillation value)

Continuous use intermittent use

Anode DC voltage (KV) 6 7 8

Anode DC current (A) 1.6 1.8 1.8

Anode output power (kW) 7.1 9 10

Grid direct Current (mA) 250 320 310

Grid impedance (Ω) 3500 3500 4000

Note: Intermittent use refers to the working time of 10 seconds and the working ratio of 50%


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