High frequency Oscillation Tube 7T84RB

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  • The TUBE 7T84RB transmitting tube is a medium-mu power triode intended for use in RF amplifier, oscillator, or class B modulator service.TUBE 7T84RB features rugged construction for high power RF transmitter applications. The envelope is fabricated from hard glass intended specifically for the high-temperature operation of transmitting tubes.
    The internal tube parts are supported by low loss ceramic insulators for high-temperature operation and high voltage hold-off. The rugged grid structure is particularly well suited for industrial heating applications.

    General Characteristics Electrical
    Filament: Thoriated-tungsten
    Voltage (AC or DC) 10.0 +/- 0.5 V Current 10 A
    Amplification factor (average) 35
    Direct interelectrode capacitances (grounded filament): Grid to plate 6.3
    pF Grid to filament 12.3 pF
    Plate to filament 8.5 pF
    Maximum frequency for full ratings 30 MHz

    Cooling Radiation and convection or Forced air
    Socket None. Post terminals
    Plate and grid connector Special, such as Operating position Axis vertical, with filament posts up or down Horizontal
    With plate in vertical plane (on edge)
    Nominal dimensions: Diameter 116.8 mm (4.60 in.)
    Overall height 219.2 mm (8.63 in.)
    Net weight 0.6kg